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Tuesday 10 April 2012

1st day back at work

 Today went well, my 1st day back at work, after 3 weeks off, I felt a bit like the new girl, came back to no problems, I work in an office, sat at my desk most of the day, plenty of time for walks around the other offices. But most of all I have a very comfortable chair, Kev was worried, but it went well.

Patchwork sampler is racing along, it rained all day on Monday, so I sat and stitched for most of my time. I will stitch some more tonight, but the next part of Sweet Flowers has just arrived, so I will be back on that from tomorrow. As for poor Tribal cat, it's way down my list.
 My garden has still loads of colour, yesterday was very breezy and the lawn was covered with petals from the tree. But the gardens will love the water, it's the most rain we have had this year.
 Below is a Christmas present from my daughter Su, it's a bee bell, you place it in the garden and the bees use it as a resting place, I love it, made of pottery, I think it adds an interest into my garden, we sat it under the rose bush which we are training up the fence.
Paula  made comments regarding my last post, where we visited our local castle, which is 10-15 minutes walk from the house, it's the closest we have ever lived to a castle, even a ruined one, we have always live close to the coast, we are lucky it's a very nice part of the country here. This summer we hope to walk all around our area, we have already found a couple of new walks.

My weight loss is doing well, I did put a pound on last week, but it was Easter, all that chocolate, but with all the rain, we did not get out much to walk. We did a short walk at lunch time today, just two of us, but it was sunny and felt warmer the wind had dropped.


  1. Glad your first day back went well. :D

  2. You're a wonderfully speedy stitcher! Being back at work must be such a mixed blessing, but I'm glad you're doing better.

  3. Your stitching looks lovely! Your bee bell is a lovely addition to your garden and your tulips are very pretty too.

  4. Your on a roll with Patchwork.Looks great.
    Nice photos too.Been to Portsmouth a few times when growing up. Didn't appreciate the scenery back then.

  5. My online friend, Su, who lives in Edinburg. wrote om her blog about a bee bell she has . . I must ask her how well it did. It sounds so interesting/



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