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Sunday 29 April 2012

More rain!

 It's still raining here, non stop for days, good for the drought, good for the garden, not so good for people, we are sick of getting wet.

I have done loads on patchwork sampler, there is not alot else to do, any thing outside is out of the question.
 This patterns just keep getting better, I love his style and his love of colour, this just keeps growing and looking better. I am stitching through page 5, using colours I normally would not use.
The weekend has been great, yesterday we had lunch with Fliss and Su, just the four of us, it's years ago we all sat together and had so much laughter, went went to our local ASK restaurant, for Italian food, and was not disappointed, they catered for Fliss and her Gluten and wheat free diet. We also did loads of shopping for our holiday in 3 weeks, I have some new summer clothes and pretty bra's. Today we popped in to see Fliss and the boys, they are all bored being inside, it's no fun being a child on a rainy day.

On a positive note, I am wearing my wedding ring again, I had to buy one in a larger size, but now I'm back in my original one, which pleases me, another small mile stone.


  1. Such a bright and cheery project to liven up a dull and dismal rainy Sunday, really loved seeing your progress.

  2. Several weeks ago I caught the back of my wedding band on a nail . . how I didn't tear my finger up I'll never know.

    We took it to a jeweler toget it fixed and I felt naked without it. So glad to get it back on.

    I did, hoewever, kee- telling the husband that in some cultures this would mean I was divorcing him so he better behave . . LOLOL

    Glad you are back to "wedding ring" size. It has to feel better than the other one.

  3. hello

    Your sampler is looking great!
    It's been raining non-stop here too, I can understand the kiddies getting bored.

    Nice to be able to wear your wedding ring again!

  4. Losig weight always makes the body and the mind feel so good. Keep up the good work!
    Lovely sampler.
    Many hugs and kisses sent your way

  5. gorgeous stitching :D hope the rain goes away soon!



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