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Sunday 22 April 2012

Busy weekend

 It's been busy at home this weekend, most of the time we had a house full, and Grancha loved being with our two youngest grandsons, Sammy and Logan, Sammy is 3 months older than Logan, but they played well together and shared Grancha. I got some time with Josh, who once again kept away from the camera. Shannon also popped in, Josh is now loving Lego Ninja's he had a sticker book and I was shown all the different people, they are either Lightening, Earth, Ice and Fire, I not sure about the last one.
We had a perfect weekend.
 I did a a bit of stitching, not enough, but I hope to do a bit more later, I love these flowers, the next part I am totally going away from the design, I will use the same colours, but I will place them in different places, can't wait to get started.
Please don't forget Fliss, my daughter is having a give away here there is still time.

My Tribal Penguin looks as if he is going to Canada, Kathy names came out of the hat, I will send you an e-mail for your address, and post him to you, and as an added bonus, I have the threads for you as well.

Wow I'm up to 99 follower here, which is great, I feel another RAK coming on soon, watch this space.


  1. Your grandsons are adorable.
    And the flowers are so beautiful. Do you stitch everything over one? The patchwork sampler is over one too I noticed.

  2. Hello

    Your Sweet Flowers is looking so pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing the next part.
    That's a lovely photo of Grancha and the boys - they look so happy.

  3. Aww lovely family pic.
    Very dainty design, so beautifully stitched.

  4. Are you using Linen? Once I started using Linen I couldn't use anything else. It always made the design pop off the material.

    Grat picture of your "boys."

  5. Isn't it just great the memories that we create from just a photograph. Looking good! The flower block is lovely!

  6. You are so brave to go outside of the pattern. I'm way too chicken to do that! Can't wait to see it!



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