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Sunday, 27 June 2021

End of June

Another M&S bag for £4, fantastic value, pasta will be tea for me tomorrow, the chicken and salad we are having tonight  with a jacket potato. The rest will be used quickly. 
I love these lemonade, from M&S, they are not cheap, but we mix them with any cheap sparkling water, any flavour works, very refreshing. 
Mummy sent this photo to us, Will was playing in his bedroom, so gate was left open and George escaped, there is no stopping him now, he is just so fast. 
I've almost finished this 2nd ripple blanket, one last go tonight and it's done, ready for baby due anytime now. 
My friend passed this book to me, I have read a few pages but it's not calling, not sure if I will struggle on or not. 
Nothing much is happening here, we are not planning much, just waiting to meet grandchild number 9, daughter is completely ready for baby, everything is sorted and ready, it's just a case of waiting.

The garden and house is completely sorted, no jobs on our list, which is just as well with the rain, hubby moved the rain butt's back by the house, so we can collect rain from our roof. So for the next few days we will sit and watch the wildlife in our garden. 

Thank you for all your recent comments, I know I keep a tidy garden and greenhouse, it's also ultra tidy in my shed. Growing up in a big family meant you have your own personal space for your stuff, mum was super clean, and we were impressed to look after everything, mum taught us the value of things, how long it took to earn the money to purchase what we needed, it's a lesson never forgotten. Hubby is the same, years in the army installed in him the sence of tidy, neither of us relax until things are sorted. Childhood habits are very hard to drop, I often find myself doing things the way mum did, I garden in the same style, sadly I don't have the same size garden she had. My mum passed away almost 16 years ago, but she is still a huge part of my life. 


  1. You must all be getting exciting now with the baby due any day. Your daughter will need eyes in the back of her head with an active youngster, a toddler who is into everything and a new baby. It's hard when you start a book and you just can't get into it, knowing whether to struggle on or not. I must admit that I rarely give up on a book as most times they get better as you read on, but there's so many good books out there that sometimes it just isn't worth carrying on if you're not enjoying it.

  2. Once those babies can get up the stairs it is a fright, now you have to teach him to go down safely on him bum. Good luck with baby number 9 coming.

  3. So exciting with Grandbaby number nine due any day now :)

    All the best Jan

  4. How exciting waiting for another baby in the family. I'm like you, I love order both in the house and outside. The ripple blanket is lovely.

  5. What a wise mother you had, she taught her children some really valuable lessons. Hope the new baby arrives safely :) xx

  6. I love the colours in your ripple blankets. This one feel so fresh and cool.

    God bless.

  7. Oh! gosh way up at the top of the stairs...yikes! He's going to be an explorer LOL! Fabulous your ninth grandchild on the way soon, everyone must be so excited. Amanda x



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