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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Another finish.

I have finished this baby ripple blanket, there are just a few ends to sew in, most were weaved in as I did my crochet stitches. Now to cast on the blue one, these are so relaxing to make, I not sure if I have enough yarn, might have to make a trip to a local-ish shop. Which ever one is not needed I will ask daughter if she knows anyone who would love it. 
I was given this book to read, and told it's funny, he does swear a bit but his writing style is really amusing, I did enjoy it, book 27 this year.
Last Saturday I was given some cut flowers, the lady knows I do love Peonies, these  are beginning to open, they are just so pretty. I do grow them in the garden, but would never cut the blooms for inside. It's a rare treat for me to have real cut flowers inside.
This Orchid has the title of being the most amazing Orchid I have ever had, purchased back at the end of January, these blooms still look brilliant, not 1 has dropped yet. 
I have had this Orchid in the corner of our sitting room for years, a couple of years ago, I got the silk flower stem, and it does look real, so I am truly pleased to see 2 new flower stems on it. Once the buds are bigger I will remove the silk ones and allow it to have it's moment of bloom. 

 I've not been far since the weekend, we got our exterior paint at B&Q, the grey is a bit lighter than I wanted, but I wasn't going to pay loads extra for a different brand, just for a different shade, we had to get a huge tub of white as well. Hubby has been cleaning the paint off the drain pipes, each one was the horrible brown colour and filling a few spots. I'm not allowed to help, so I did all the ironing, not my favourite task. 

Tuesday morning our group of ladies met for coffee at my neighbours house, so no driving, after hubby and I walked to the village to have a nice lunch out. The rest of the day was busy at home and a lazy evening. Whilst watching Bake off the professionals, an ad came on for The new season of Handmaid's Tale, which starts on this Sunday, I'm not really sure if this story is being drawn out too much, I will watch it and see what I think. 

Normally we would have George this morning whilst Will has his swimming lesson, but sadly George has picked up the sickness bug going around nursery, Will is coming to us instead, it's a risk I am willing to take so mummy can get some rest without a healthy 4 year old running around. Mummy has just a couple of weeks before we meet our grandchild. 


  1. The little blanket is lovely, I wonder which colour you'll need, exciting times. I've read the book by Adam Kay, I remember laughing out loud as I was reading it in some places. I hope George is better soon. Your daughter must be exhausted in this heat at this late stage in her pregnancy.

  2. Beautiful blanket, Marlene, you're so clever! Love, Karen x

  3. I love peonies. They flower for such a short time but it is worth the wait. I may get some pink ones like the ones in your photo as they are very pretty. I hope George is better soon.

  4. You really do have a wonderful eye for colour - that blanket is lovely!

  5. Loved the book by Adam Kay. Some of the nicknames for the various hospital departments had me in hysterics. Love peonies but never been very lucky with them.

  6. Lovely blanket, you made it really quickly too! I've read that book, didn't think it would be something I'd like but found it really funny, very sad in parts too, especially the ending.
    Your poor daughter in this heat, I bet she will be glad once the baby is here now. I hope George feels better soon, it's horrible having a cold in the summer.

  7. Wow those colours in the ripple blanket really show against each other.

    God bless.

  8. That blanket is lovely.
    The peonies look great, so does the orchid.

    Happy Friday and weekend wishes.

    All the best Jan



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