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Monday 16 November 2015

Productive days

Our Olive is in it's winter home
just inside the green house
 I have planted my Christmas tree
it was pot bound, so fingers crossed it survives. 
 Outside the back door, 
one has tulips and the other daffodils
I have a couple more pots with tulips in,
I'm trying hard to grow tulips again. 
 The flower garden still has loads of colour, 
I dead headed plus planted some pansies and primroses in garden and pots
 inside Hyacinth's Sam loves these water pots
The African Violets have been potted up
It was a busy morning in the garden on Sunday, Hubby trimmed back the Magnolia tree again, we just cut all the new growth off, we now have two huge bags of garden waste, not a problem the council are still collecting it. I did add some small branches with leaves over the hedgehog hibernating area, not too much weigh, just a bit of protection from the rain.
 Hubby has been baking, meat pie for tea tonight and one for later this week.
The small pie is my tomorrow lunch
The small one at the back to Gluten free for Fliss
Below apple pie with my coffee in my new girly mug 
Next time I moan about my weight, remind me of this post


  1. It is amazing how much colour there is in the gardens, I still have tender fuchsias in full flower, and the pelargoniums are still putting new flower buds out. I have potted up so many bulbs this year that I lost count, I do have some to go into the ground but it is sodden now. A lovely lot of pastry goods there.

  2. Great mug, your pies look delicious.

  3. Those pies look tasty. I like your mug.

  4. Deadheading really does make a difference to how long a plant will carry on flowering, you've definitely done a great job to have so many things still going. The pies look delicious and I love the mug.



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