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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Pretty flowers

Colour for a nice change, a birthday present
Thank you for all the birthday wishes
I have one Orchid regrowing new buds and loads of dormant ones
Stitching, these colours are totally down to me
plus I needed to add some white area's  
Almost half way
Carrie Rose has arrived, but I will do the last part over the weekend. 
Free flowers
these were a gift last September and now they are huge again
I love the darker blooms in the bush. 
I watched the second TV program on waste, I was shocked on how much waste there is through out the food chain, I knew farmers could not use all the produce they grow, but I foolishly thought they used the mis shapes for ready meals, soup, even animal fodder. I also though the supermarkets did not throw away food before the best/use by dates, and I hoped we were all better at home with our waste. It has been an eye opener for everyone who watched. I not sure how we can resolve all the waste, I am guilty of buy nice looking veg when I choose loose items, but I do like the thought of having two grades of veg, the miss shapes being cheaper. At home we eat all our home grown veg no matter what shape. I can't see how it will be sorted.
I am still tired this week, we have no plans to go out over the coming weekend, I want to sort my garden pots, and plant tulips, it's now getting late and they need to be done. I also spent some of my birthday money, I have purchase a 24"  living Christmas tree for a nice pot in the garden. Sam will help me decorate it with bird food, lovely strings of monkey nuts. Sam was explaining what we should use yesterday on his after school visit.
Josh is having loads of fun, he is away for a week with his school, living on an educational farm, feeding animals, sorting crops and general work around the farm. I can't wait for Saturday to hear from him how good it was.


  1. The orchids are beautiful, Marlene, such a gorgeous colour. You're getting on so well with your sewing, it's looking really good. So much work involved!

  2. Orchids are such good value and the flowers last forever, The waste is shocking, I was thinking about it last night and was wondering what they do in other countries and do they have the same problems

  3. What a wonderful experience for Josh. All the flowers and Carrie Rose are just beautiful!! Sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was a great one!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday wishes from me too. I like your idea of decorating your living Christmas tree with bird food. I have one and I may do the same this year. I will have to put it on the table though, because of the dog. Luckily it isn't huge yet and it should be possible.

  5. Such a pretty colour your new orchid is.
    Loving the patchwork stitching, it looks more lovely each time I see it.
    Grandparent duties here today, my granddaughter in here after school for tea with us, cant wait!

  6. Carrie Rose is looking amazing, as is your orchid. The waste situation has spiralled out of control and pricing policy seems to be as clear as mud. While shopping this morning I saw prepacked small and pretty parsnips at 78p for 500 gs Then in another shop the lovely big loose ones were £2.24 a Kilo, I bit the bullet and bought the bigger ones, only 2 as I want to roast them.

  7. Your orchid is a gorgeous colour. One of mine is just coming back in to flower now, they usually bloom in time for Christmas. Josh's trip sounds wonderful, I'm sure he's having a great time.

  8. LOVE the Mums with multiple colors.

    This year several of our garden centers sold pots where they had three different color in one pot. they were so neat.

  9. Such a beautiful coloured orchid..........I love to see them in their country of origin.

    That does sound fun, working on a farm.....he will certainly have some stories to tell. I bet Josh will also be quite tired :)

    I hope you manage to potter in your garden this weekend and feel less tired soon.

    Best wishes.............



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