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Saturday, 21 November 2015

It's cold outside

My Christmas cards have been designed
 Simple embossing
 Inside using some of the gold card I have
After all the dies I purchased for my Christmas present last year, my plan was to make layered cards, but after the recent problems in Paris, I decided to keep it simple. There is always next year for using all the different designs. I do like to have a coloured insert in my cards, I think it makes them look better. I will also make a few more with cards from previous years left overs.
I am still finding glitter here in the office, it has got everywhere, hubby is not happy, it will take ages for it all to disappear.
 I have filled in a few centers
It's looking good
Over half way now
The weather forecasters got it right, through out the day yesterday it started to feel cooler, the winds were high, which added to the lower temperatures. This morning I decided it was vest time, bit old lady ish, but I like to wear layers, and later we are going to pop out.
We had a late start to our day, we had neighbours round last night for a drink, which lasted to 1.30am, can't remember the last time I stayed up that late, but it was interesting and fun.
Our garden is winter ready, so other than hubby picking up leaves( his job now he's retired), we can stay inside in the warm and watch our garden. Our flowers are still looking good, but not for much longer.
The bird feeders are overflowing with seeds and nuts, I got some Monkey nuts last weekend, so they are sprinkled around the plot, plus I had some soft eating apples given to me and I have placed them around the garden, the local bushes are also full of berries, a good start for the wildlife.


  1. We had snow during the night but it had gone by morning, it's still very cold though. Your cards are lovely, I think simple embossed cards look very classy.

  2. Okay, what are Monkey Nuts and why do you sprinkle them around the garden?

  3. Your cards are just lovely! Carrie rose is beautiful. You will have it finished very soon. Really cold here too. We finally got the deck plants ready for winter. We wrap the pots in bubble wrap and we have not lost a tree or big plant yet.

  4. Cards look very lovely...we seem to have glitter magic here to in our hair, under fingernails, sparkling carpet!!! Well it adds to the magic..ha ha..lovely sewing too. Keep warm, really cold here too. Xx

  5. Your cards look very elegant, lucky folks who receive one of those.

  6. Embossed cards are one of my favourite style, simple yet elegant and beautiful. Your cross stitch is absolutely amazing - love the colours you have used x

  7. Fabulous start for wildlife.........they will love you :)

    I love the cards............beautiful, sometimes less says more, don't you think?

    Your work of art never ceases to impress me.



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