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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Why, no Y

Grand Marquoir is coming along well, I can see the finish line
 Just 4 designs to do, plus a bit of shadow work. This will be my 1st finish this year and it's a WIP, feeling good about that.
 The bud is beginning to open on my amaryllis, I can't wait to see the flower, it's in a perfect spot in our sitting room. My poinsettia is still with me, it does not have many green leaves on, but the red leaves are looking good.
 In this corner I have two orchids, both have flowered before, so more free flowers. I love the pinks on this shorted plant.
 I do love pure white flowers, just a few blooms on the end of the stalk, this has flowered form months, it started before Christmas. I love house plants at this time of year, my garden is bare, I have just a couple primroses in pots by my back door.
My diet is going well, I have lost half a stone (7lbs) and I'm feeling good. I have been for a walk most days in my lunch break, I am being given a tour of the dock yard and surrounding area, I am learning loads of nice walks.
We are enjoying all the new recipes we are finding on the net, our aim is to cut back on sugar, we do not add sugar to our food, but it is shocking to see how much sugar is added to all difference foods. I'm very pleased how quickly we have adapted to low fat every thing. I do not miss bread, I have a couple of slices at the weekend, I but European types, with sun dried tomato's and olives. It is cake day again on Friday, another birthday, so I will look forward to a small slice.
rest of the time I'm keeping warm and dry.


  1. Grand Marquoir looks so beautiful.
    Well done on the weight loss and exercise in the your lunch break.

  2. OOh Grand Marquoir is coming along nicely - I do like the colour. Well done on your weight loss - I think I might need to change my diet. Your flowers look beautiful Marlene.

  3. Grand Marquoir is looking really good and so close to a finish! What beautiful orchids you have there, I have one that flowers every year and one that never wants to flower.



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