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Friday 17 January 2014

I can see the finish line

All three squares are finished, and I am thinking of how to do the back ground and possibly add more designs. I do like this, but it is a bit different.
 I decided to put Grand Marquoir back in the frame, I last stitched it in October, in the past couple of days I have finished the letter 'Z' and 'V' and completed 'W' and finished the deer.
 I plan to keep this in the frame until it is competed, only 7 squares left, so it should not take long, my daughter Fliss begged for it, I will have to see if she still wants it. I have no plans on how to finish it.
 It was cake day in work today, and on Wednesday I was asked to make my chocolate cake, with my not so secret fillings, I loves these by Betty Crocker, the chocolate fudge is to die for. I did have one small slice, and I was able to stay within my 1200 calories for today.
 My Amaryllis is now at a good height, All I want now is for the flowers to open, the Poinsettia is loosing the lower green leaves, but after owning it for almost 6 weeks it's a record for me for it to be alive.
Work has been good, a very difficult week, loads of problems, but the lady I work with is brilliant, we laugh and chuckle over things and work together, I do think this is the best job I have ever had.
Tonight hubby and I are home together, no plans to go out, it's been another very wet day, so a nice warm home sounds good.
Tomorrow I am meeting youngest daughter Su in town, bit of girly shopping and then a long coffee and chat to catch up. Later I will pop and see Fliss and the boys, Fliss has a knitting question for me, often she does not understand the pattern, and we work it out together.

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