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Friday 31 January 2014

1st Finish

It's raining heavy again here, so night in!
 Grand Marquoir is finished, happy dance here,
 I posted my start of this project on 31 January 2013
so a year in the stitching along with other things 
 I did not change any of the designs, just the fabric and silk colours. If I am honest I did get a bit fed up with the lack of colour, but it was quicker to stitch just using one colour. I do prefer to stitch with bright colours.
 Sweet dreams is back in the frame 
 I got ahead of the designer on this one, stitching each section before it was issued, by reversing the design, but I was waiting for the outer band with the two birds, but did not get the last designs, so last night I decided to do it the hard way. I am just reversing the pattern. Should be finished within the week, just 2 birds to stitch.
 I have traced a heart design onto some fabric, this was a stained glass window hanger on Pintrest, but I think  make a design out of it. It's in my work box for now, I have decided to keep going with my WIP, and try and finish a few more.
Who Knows might have another go a Winter Watergarden,
 In the garden, snowdrops, and loads of bulbs, we have not had any snow this winter, but late February and March are the months to watch out. 
But please can the rain stop, we have had enough.
 My Amaryllis now has two flowers, it's coming along well,
The orchid on the table behind, is in full bloom.
My Poinsettia is hanging in there.
We are having a weekend at home, I have loads of housework to do, there is only so long I can ignore it.
Tomorrow we are popping to the garage to look at upgrading my car, it's a bit small to use as a family car.
I have a need to go shopping for some nail gel, Su and I purchased a kit and it works well, so I am going to get my own kit, with the LED lamp and some navy blue gel, I don't normally wear dark colours, but these don't chip.
The fore caste is for a very wet weekend, so the garden is off limits, I am planning loads of stitching.


  1. Congrats on a lovely finish!
    It is really beautiful!

  2. That's beautiful now it's finished. Your plants are also looking lovely. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Such a gorgeous finish! Congratulations!



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