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Sunday 19 January 2014

Sunny Sunday

These were Christmas presents,
 We both love them
 This is July from a calender I have made for this year, 
I could not wait until August to hang it. 
 I am very pleased with our dining room wall, until now I did not want to hang photo's here. But these are too nice to tuck away. Most of our family photo's are hung on the stair walls to our bedroom.
I have done just a few stitches, I do hope to stitch again tonight, last night we watched a film, and I always make a counting error when trying to do two things at once.
Today we have had sun shine for most of the day, we did have a short shower, the ground is still very wet, but it was nice to get out.
We have been looking at timber for building my shed, it will be behind the garage and built as a lean too, with a perplex roof to allow light in. Using a wasted bit of the garden, but we need better weather before we start to build. I managed to get a few things for the garden, including a blueberry plant, not my favorite, but hubby loves them. Bit to early to start my seeds, but I now have almost every thing I need.
Yesterday I had loads of fun with daughter Su, we spent the morning in town, just the two of us, very girly and loads of chatter. After Su left I went to visit Fliss, Josh and Sam, Josh went to his first sleep over for a friends birthday, so I played loads of car games with Sammy. Sam has started pre school and goes two and a half days, he was going to build up this these days gently, but because he loves it so much, he can attend all three days, how quick they grow up.


  1. Such beautiful gifts, so very special, no wonder you needed to hang the on your wall.

  2. I love your Christmas presents - what a different idea and they look good on the wall :)



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