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Monday, 22 April 2013

Sunny weekend at home

 I am still stitching Dream sampler and getting ahead of myself, I enjoy this stitching and after two days in the garden, is a treat to sit and stitch in the evenings.
 Our garden is open for spring and summer, providing we get the nice weather this year. I have loads of plants in my small green house, my fruit plants are doing well. Kev gave the lawn it's 1st cut yesterday, below the sun shine through our tree, now bursting with flowers, yes after two warm sunny days, it does feel good.
Weekend at home was great, we saw Josh and Sammy, Sammy wanted to be out side all the time, he does love the garden, Su and David popped in, they are busy getting the ground ready for a back lawn, which they are laying with seed.

Hubby is playing golf this morning, he will be enjoying the beautiful start to the day, his golf club is on the edge of town surrounded by our beautiful country side, so he gets the added bonus of the wild life including deer.

Nothing much planed for this week, just looking for my next job, hoping to get another interview this week.
Friday we are off to Bournemouth, for an awards dinner, it's with Kev's company, they normally have a very good show theme, fingers crossed for a nice evening and Saturday we spend wondering around resort.


  1. Yes, it's lovely to have the sunshine visit the South again and hearing the mowers at the weekends is always nice!
    Lovely stitching, it looks very detailed and very pretty.
    Have a nice time in Bournemouth, pop in and say Hi to my DD, she's back at Uni now so be prepared for student overload there.
    Have a good week x

  2. Lov,Ely stitching and garden.x

  3. Your garden looks nice and pleased you enjoyed the good weather. Good luck at your interview :)

  4. The stitching is looking lovely! And that garden looks inviting.



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