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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Stitching in colour

 More stitching, this section was a bit harder, I had to unpick twice, the pattern is a repeat, but I have to keep the chart close the whole time. I am stitching on a big frame 17", which is not great to hold, but I hate having  to clip any frame over my stitched area.
Above was the end of Monday night, yesterday I started the final bit in this section, same design but going up, the colour choice is mine and I do love the green and purple together.
 A close up of my work, the colours are very true, this is going to go in our bedroom, at first I though as a cushion, but I think I might frame it and have it hanging, it will show better on the wall, rather than another cushion on our bed, look here what do you think.
Not done much this week, except clean the house, I have a bit of ironing to do later. but that leaves me free for the rest of the week.
Later I will pick Josh up from school and sit with him and Sammy until daddy gets home from work, tomorrow I am having a day with Fliss and Sammy.
I had a job interview yesterday which went well, fingers crossed, and I am hoping for another interview next week.

The events in Boston are terrible, whoever could attack an event which raises so much money for charity, our world in which we live have some nasty people. Here we have the funeral of Margret Thatcher today, I do hope there are no problems, She was the type of lady you loved or hated, in my case she enriched my life, but there are thousands of people whose lives were changed and made much harder.

Well the ironing is calling................

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