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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sunshine and stitches

 It was a perfect sunny day, yesterday, Fliss and Sammy came to my house, on the way we stopped at Portchester Castle, we were there less than an hour, we walked around the castle walls and then through the castle grounds, it is only a small castle. Sammy loved being able to run around and loved the gravel along the waters edge.

Fliss and I did craft whilst Sammy played at home, Fliss is hand sewing a quilt, making it up as she goes along, the designs on the material is very her, it's her first attempt, and she is keeping it very neat. If it goes well she will make the design large, if not it will be a cushion cover.

 Above is the three released stages of Sweet Dreams, below I have pushed on with  the repeat patterns, I am well ahead on this, hubby has been away for a few days, so I have stitched for the past couple of nights, I don't sleep well when he is away so I stayed up later stitching. I am able to do another 3 panels and two more yellow flowers with out the instructions.
Today I have ordered my 3rd book Poppy Patchwork 2012, it should be here soon, I have also created a book on Somerset House, which will come at the same time. Later I am going to pick up Josh from school, I do enjoy are time together and we have great conversations on the drive home.

Nothing to do in the garden, except water seedlings and pick up the tree petals from the lawn. The Magnolia is now in full bloom, but it is too early to plant flowers for the summer. My solar lights brighten the garden each evening, so we are having the benefits of our hard work.

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