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Sunday 9 September 2012

Sunny day out

 These were waiting for me when I got home on Thursday, from hubby, we don't swap presents on our anniversary, but I always get flowers, I love the colours.
 On Saturday, we went out for the day, and came to Amberley, here is a working museum and heritage centre, we spent a lovely afternoon walking around the country side reliving things from our childhood. I have never seen a phone box with a stamp dispenser, hubby shows you the size, it's much bigger than the standard phone both. We saw loads of items from our family homes, all the different mobile phones, including the 1st phone I had.
The country is beautiful, this is just outside the village looking back, it's less than an hours drive from home, I love our rolling countryside and this year looking so green and lush. This late summer weather is just great, we hope to go out for a walk along the coast this afternoon.
 I saw this sign in the print shop at Amberley and had to copy it, it's fun and so true, I am not the best at spelling, and how many times my computer tells me the word is spelt like it shows, only for me to get my dictionary and find the correct word with a different spelling.
Not a stitch has been stitched, this week has been busy and enjoyable, but tiring, I hope to be able to sit and do some stitching tonight.

I have notification my book (2011) will arrive tomorrow, I am so excited, I have checked my on line draft again(not that I can change anything) and just want to have it in my hand, hubby purchased it as an early birthday present. The second book (2009/2010), is ready in it's on line draft, hubby is getting me it for my Christmas present, but I will wait a while before placing the order. They sent me a discount voucher for my 1st purchase, so I will wait to see if they send me another. I do not need to purchase it until November, so I have a few weeks, fingers crossed as I said before I love a discount.

Its a sunny day here, and soon we are off out, enjoy your day.


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a good week!

  2. Spell check is my enemy also. I always think that the computer thinks it is smarter than me when it tells me one of my words is wrong . . and, once in a while, I am right . . :0P to the checker! LOLOL

    Your hubby did a good job in the flower department. I think mine would be the same way, only I won't let him . . if I ut the flowers whee I can enjoy them, the cats's decide they are there for their eating pleasure :0{

  3. Stunning flowers, I do love the poem, made me smile.

  4. Congratulations! You won Giveaway #2 on my blog. Please email me your snail mail address and I will have it in the post ASAP.




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