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Sunday 2 September 2012


It's Kev's birthday today, and we have had a full house, everyone popped in for afternoon tea, as always Sammy is a Grancha's boy, having loads of tickles and fun. Shannon and Josh were playing Flow free, once started both played for ages, Josh has been playing this for ages, but it was the 1st attempt for Shannon.
 Lemon cake, treacle tart, jam tarts, fresh fruit and jelly and cream, I did not do the trifle, Fliss could not eat any, so we went with jelly and fruit which is gluten free. All the tarts are gone, and just a bit of cake left, tea was fun. Sammy enjoyed the jelly most.
 I am almost finished on this section, I hope to stitch tonight, I have decided to use the middle pink shade for the last flower and just a few leaves left. After which just two sections to go.
I enjoyed Doctor Who last night, I have been waiting ages for it to come back, I love Matt Smith as the doctor, would love to see Rose (Billie Piper) back, what fun they would be together.
We have nothing planned tonight, it's more a case of trying to stay awake, enjoy your Sunday evening.


  1. Must see if BBC has the new Dr WHo here in the US . . I have LOVED it since Tom Baker was the good doctor.

    At the same time, I fell in love with Dave ALlen At LArge . . made me LOVE british comedy!

  2. Sounds like a lovely fun day you all had, your treacle tart looks heavenly... yum yum!



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