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Saturday 1 September 2012

Busy weekend ahead

 I chose a 4th shade of pink to use in this section, I wanted something bright and full of colour for this dramatic flower and chose a slightly brighter shade of pink. It is the only flower stitched in full, every other flower has bits of their petals missing.
 Not much more to stitch, I hope to finish this tonight, there is still loads of green to stitch, I hope when I send  the photo to Angie the designer, she likes my work. It has been a pleasure to stitch.
We have a busy couple of days ahead, today we are off to our local farmers market, it happens the 1st Saturday of each month, I would like some hardy herbs for my garden.

I have to proof read my 1st blog book, I have with Blurb, created a book of my blog, in fact I am doing 3 books, one for 2009/2010, and then 2011 and 2012. I have worked hard to ensure each page is balanced in both words and photo's. I have not changed much of my post. I am ready to publish 2011, but I want another check on it, to ensure there is nothing out of place. One tip, I have worked on my book for a while, in it pays off in more ways, I had an e-mail offering me 20% off my first book, I love a discount!

Tomorrow is hubbies birthday, he is playing golf in the morning, so I have to prepare him a birthday tea, our girls are coming over, with the grand sons and Shannon, I am making a sherry trifle for him, his favourite, and loads of other things, I won't do a chocolate cake, it will be all to rich, I want to make a treacle tart, as seen on British Bake off and a lemon cake.


  1. The flowers are very pretty, Marlene. Lovely colours you choose.
    Happy birthhday to your husband. Tea party with his girls and grandsons is a nice way to celebrate.

  2. The brighter oink fits in beautifully.
    Happy birthday wishes to your hubby.
    I too watched the Bake Off and fancied a treacle tart, yummy!

  3. I do believe that was a very good idea to add that fourth pink! Happy, blessed birthday to your husband!

  4. I love the mix of pinks you are using. They go together so well yet allowing each flower to stand out.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

  5. Love those shades of pink....and the design is gorgeous!
    Hope your hubby has a great birthday!

  6. I love that shade of pink. good luck with your books. sounds like a great idea to keep track of the WIP photos.



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