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Monday 24 September 2012

Pass it on

 When I had finished stitching the above pattern I said I would like to pass it on, so putting the names into a hat from the comments I had from that post, I have drawn Kathy's name, so please send to me your address and I will send to you the pattern, the Noel thread and the three buttons. I hope you enjoy stitching it.
I also did a bit to Tree of life last night, I would like to get the lower branches done, I so love the colour of this design and it's so right to stitch at this time of year.

I have done my 1st row of 80 stitches for my ripple blanket in crochet, I would like to make a cushion cover, but I am not doing well on the second row, each time I try it I find I am one stitch out in the pattern, very frustrating, I will have to pop and see Fliss, but she is working most nights this week. So it will be the weekend before I can get any thing more done. I have also been thinking about Winter Watergarden, I can see that going back in the frame. I have also done some work on my house, my progress is here

I have been on line looking at patterns, but so far I have resisted, my stash is big enough.


  1. The Christmas motif is gorgeous :D Congratulations.... and I can't wait to see more on Tree of Life... it's coming along lovely :D

  2. The colors on tree of life are right up my alley! Lovely work.

  3. I have been thinking about starting a crochet project For my expected grandchild. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a young child But I haven't done any for many years.

  4. Oh Marlene - that is wonderful! I love it. Will send address right away. Hugs and thank you.

  5. My 1st crochet project was my senior year in high school . . . it was a ripple afghan from a kit. When I ook at it now it is way to short for comfort . . . but I guess time and washing and drying have taken their tole.

    But, I do believe this is the pattern I am proudest of . . . Grandma had made the ripple afghan I grew up with, and I am sure it is pure wool.

    When I finished mine, I went outside, stoood on the back steps, held the afghan to heaven and yelled, :See, Grandma, I did it!"

    Once Fliss sets you straight, it is a piece of cake.

  6. Congrats to Kathy & lovely colours on the Tree!!



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