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Monday 17 September 2012


 My ORT pot is looking full of greens and pinks from Sweet Flowers and shiny threads from the Christmas ornament, my TUSAL pot is getting full, I have not stitched at all over the weekend far to busy.
 We  had fun at the wedding, hubby was best man, hence the long jacket, and I wore the dress I had from our 25th wedding anniversary,jacket was purchased for daughter Su's wedding, it's nice to get a second run from clothes.
 Both my beautiful daughters from Saturday night, Su's birthday meal, both looking lovely, I am proud to have both so close and happy, my dress here was from Fliss's wedding, 13 years ago, I love it far to much to get rid of it, without the jacket, it's a great dress for a night out.
We have the rest of today off, going for a cycle ride soon, we are using Su and her hubby Gav's bike, we are thinking of purchasing bikes, but I want to be sure we ride together OK, I am much slower than Kev, and I hope he will be OK with my speed.
Then I will pick Josh up from school followed by an evening in together and an early night. No plans for stitching today, just time with my lovely hubby.

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  1. Lovely family photos. Wishing you a good week ahead.



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