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Thursday 7 April 2011

Stitched up

I have done some work on my family sampler, but not alot, I still need to finish Thomas, I hope to get to the shop to get the thread I require this afternoon. I have also added Mr Bump, Fliss as a child loved the Mr Men.

I have done the red motorbike, Kev's is black, but his first one brought a few years ago was red. Kev loves it. I need now just to find him a golf motif.

I am pleased with my progress on this sampler, I did not want loads of letter and sayings, in the 21st centry we are far more visual, so I love having the images. I have had a bit of trouble with adding our granchildrens name on the right, I do not have enough depth for what I had planned, so it's out with the graph paper and sketch. I do have a design system on my computer, but I still love sketching. I plan to work on this for a few more days.

One last look at the finished heart I made for Su and the pink hearts I made for myself, I made them up this week. Another thing I am pleased with. I have a full picture in my finished item page, link at top of this blog.
Yesterday we had a perfect warm and sunny day, it's the same today, I hope to get out into the garden and potter, Kev is playing golf this morning.

Thanks for dropping in
I hope you are enjoying your day


  1. I'm really enjoying your progress! Oh the Mr Men stories (and Little Miss) that I read over and over again, lol!

  2. The sampler is looking so good :) Hope your weather is still good - ours is superb!

  3. Mr. Bumpy!! I love all the Mr. Men! Your sampler is so unique and I love looking at what you will stitch in it next. Do you make up your own patterns or did you find the Mr. Men pattern somewhere?

  4. Lovely work on you sampler. Good luck finding a golf motif.

    We too have had a beautiful weekend, oddly enough my DH has pent it on the golf course as well.



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