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Thursday 21 April 2011

bright ideas

My heart for Fliss is finished, it looks wonky but it's just the material is stretched, I will stitch my family sampler this weekend.

Last Sunday we spent the morning in the garden, Shannon came to see us, she helped me pot loads of seedlings, and found the pink heart I had made her, it's for her bedroom at daddies house, I have to make another for her to take home.

The more I use my ipad, the more I love it,
how did we ever manage without it,
it's like my giant phone without the phone.

I have found a great apt, its called Xfloss, it list every DMC colour there is and you are able to load them in my stash, so where ever I take my ipad I have my silks list with me. I do take my ipad in my bag to work and the craft shop is just down the road. It's also good when I am at Fliss's, I can check what I have in my stash.
Work has gone well this week, tomorrow we are on 4 days off for Easter, we have some gardening to do and my brother Martin is coming to stay, and best of all the weather fore caste is very good.

I hope you all have a good weekend
filled with stitching and chocolate.


  1. Have a lovely Easter Marlene. The heart looks gorgous and so does Shannon with her pink heart :) You're making me want an ipad but I really want an iphone as well!

  2. I want to get me some of those electronic gadgets. Love your red case. Glad she approves of her heart! Union Jack looks very nice too. Such a lovely shade of blue.



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