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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Are we having a Royal Wedding!

Finally some stitching, I though I would do a quickie to get back into the swing, so daughter Fliss, booked another Union Jack heart, I have chosen the shades I think she will love.
I also made some Easter biscuits, I can't buy them anywhere, so I got my baking tray out, these are lovely, but they won't last long, I think I need to make more. It's a taste from my childhood.
I saw this on the net, and loved it, you can have it on most anything, mouse mat, place mat, cup......
I have the day off, the plumber has been nice and early. My new job is going well, I am enjoying being back at work, I have picked every thing up so far, and next week I am on my own, that should be fun, but it's only for 4 days, bets taken for how much I can muck up.

I am hoping my i pad arrives today, I an excited about it, Fliss has one and I have played with hers and that was it, I had to have one. The i pad is a good price now they have launched the i pad2, I will be able to blog away from the house, I can blog on my phone, but the images are so very small, this is just perfect.


  1. Your union jack heart will be lovely and your choice of colours are so much softer than the true union jack colours, much nicer!
    DS made easter biscuits at school last week just like those with small currants in ~ I briefly remember them coming home then they mysteriously seemed to vanish VERY quickly!
    Love the 'Prince' sign, there's hope for my DD yet!
    Good luck with going solo at work next week, I'm sure you'll do okay and have fun with your Ipad

  2. Great start on the Union Jack! The cookies look great.

    Nice sign!

  3. Love the sewing - colours are lovely. The 'Don't panic' sign is fab :)

  4. I just love the flower shape of the cookies. So dainty! I cant recall if I have seen the Union Jack pattern. The sign is cute.



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