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Monday 4 April 2011

Getting along well

I have done some more to Thomas on my family sampler, I added some glitter threads to the steam for impact and got on with some back stitching, I have the wheels and rails to do now. I still need some blue for his engine. I hope Josh is going to like this.
I took the sampler off the wooden frame and now am using the Q snaps, for the first time I can see the whole area when stitching. I am very pleased with the work so far. Next I will stitch a motorbike under the guardsman, I have the pattern I need.

I did a bit more to the Winter Watergarden, before put it aside, I have just the reeds to stitch, but as I am still feeling the effects of this tummy bug, I wanted to sew a easier project.
The tidy bug in me is still active, I have been through my cross stitch drawer, looking at all the booklets I have purchased over the years, many never used, so I have put loads on e-bay, the magazines I did sort before we moved, so I intend to keep them. If you are interested in what is on e-bay, my seller ref is marlenej1955.

I have also uploaded my CV on job sites, it's time for me to look for work, with the summer coming and so many things to do, pennies are tight for any luxuries. Our washing machine has just gone BANG, and we had to purchase a new one, and we have the engineer coming to fix a filter to our boiler, which should stop an ongoing problem.

I am not planning to go out for the next couple of days, so I hope to do loads of stitching.

1 comment:

  1. I hate when an appliance goes out. Never when you are prepared!

    The sampler looks smashing! Thomas is great - Josh should love him.

    Hope you feel better soon!



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