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Monday 1 June 2009

Kev's 2nd love

Here is my Spanish sampler, I did not get to much done this weekend,
we had another fantastic sunny time and my sister came to visit, so another BBQ and loads of shopping.
Plus Joshy came to see us on Sunday and was so cute.

This is Su, she was having a great time on Kev's bike,
Kev was sorting the garage and bringing out all the items required for the BBQ,
and Su jumped on the bike,
I took a shot from behind so I would not show her face
but she wanted another photo taken and gave her approval.
It's a sham its parked next to the bins.

Not to be outdone Kev jumped on,
he did offer to take Su for a spin, but that was declined,
like me she is not a fan of the bike.

I'm off to do more with my sampler, I love it, but it takes up alot of my time.

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