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Sunday 28 June 2009

Quiet Sunday Morning

It's very peaceful here this morning, Kev is playing his Sunday game of golf, the cats are out, Bliss. We had a BBQ last night with 16 of our friends, it was great fun. I did venture into our garden yesterday, and have brought it back up, with Kev's help, I planted (very late) some bedding plants.

The plant above has just re flowered, it was given to me by Fliss on Mothering Sunday back in March, I am always pleased when we have a second set of flowers.
Fliss, Joshy and Daddy are in St Ives, Cornwall for the week on holiday, I will keep my fingers crossed they have good weather.

The above collection of plants are living in the conservatory, I love the green leaves, and the peace Lilly is also blooming.

I loved the palepink flowers on this fuchsia above, I have potted it in a blue pot just outside our back door. In the background the garden does look good.

These last flower's I do not know the name of, I planted them in our raised garden two years ago, they come back every year and last for months.

We have had an offer accepted on a bungalow on the edge of town, we are now waiting for the paperwork, survey and soon a moving date.
I have decided most of my things in the attic will go, I have not been up there for a couple of years so I am not using any of it. I also will cull my kitchen plate and dishes, it's amazing how much you can collect of 15 years of living in one house.
But I think Kev and I will have fun, with everything you own there is a memory.
How many boxes does it take to store your life?

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