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Sunday 14 June 2009

Sunday Morning

After the most busy of weeks, with family issues, I sat here on another sunny Sunday morning, Kev is playing golf and Grace is curled up in the chair beside me, I can see Tom in the garden laying in the sunshine, the house is quiet.

We had a great day in the New Forest this week, but forgot to take our camera, we wondered in the woods, sat in the car and watched an amazing display of aerobatics, we found a spot where people fly their model aeroplane, not something we are into but the display for about 15 minutes was inspiring.
We saw loads of ponies, and baby donkeys, I love the freedom they have in the forest, it's all so natural there. It just takes us under an hour to get there.
At lunch time we sat by a lake full of ducks and swans and ate our picinic, it was a beautiful sunny day, Kev and I walked, talked and laughed. A moment to treasure.

We spent yesterday in Somerset, where I was born and grew up, we visited my brother Martin, and then went for a super lunch to meet a new friend.

I am still working on my Spanish Sampler, not done much this week,
I have the pattern for three long outside panels,
I have to wait for the final two panels to be published.
I love the design so far, I can't wait to see the sampler finished,
as yet I have not seen a picture of the complete sample.
I am following Millys progress on her sampler here

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  1. Your Spanish Sampler looks awesome! Don't you just love the reds on this? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.



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