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Sunday 26 May 2024

Little people.

George sat in the shade, he loves my new flowery cushions. He looks so grown up, he starts school later this year.
Molly copying her mummy, after nicking my recliner, she is 3 in July. 
Stealing my hat and looking good in it.
Our Taunton boys, making me feel really short.
Having a giggle.

Friday we spent time with Logan and Finn, we visited whilst we were in Somerset,  they have both grown so much, it's so good to see them happy and healthy. 

We had a BBQ on Saturday whilst the sun was shining, daddy was home poorly, he had a dodgy Chinese when at work in the week, he's feeling  much better, just not interested in food. So daughter came with the children, Will does not like having his photo taken, so no photo's  this time. We stayed outside all day, I managed to get a couple jobs done in the garden and planted a few good sized plants before the rain takes hold again. They went home just after 3pm, which gave us time to unwind and relax, listen and watch the birds in our garden.

I am so proud of how good everywhere is looking, its a perfect backdrop for family gatherings and any photos. Once I get the rest of the bedding plants out, there will be no soil seen and a riot of colour.


  1. Lovely photos and capturing precious moments. Bedding plants make such instant colour to the garden.

  2. As Dave says, those are lovely photos. Everyone looks so very happy.

  3. Great photographs here, such lovely family times, they are so special.

    All the best Jan

  4. The grandchildren are certainly growing quickly. Such nice photos.

    God bless.

  5. Such sweet photos of the little people. Nice one of you enjoying the fun too.

  6. Wow, your older grandsons are growing up so fast. Lovely photos of you with them. Molly is such a sweetie.



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