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Saturday 18 May 2024

Better outlook

Our garden, this is our view from the outside table, we sit and chat, watch the small birds as they feed from the hanging containers in the tree. We have noticed they hop around the veg beds, hopefully feeding on any bugs, it's good to have so much wildlife in our space. The bigger birds always swoop next door, where she has an open tray bird feeder. 
The garden is a working area as well, laundry on the lines, gone by lunchtime on warm days, hubby packs the lines away after use, this back end of the garden is earning it's keep with harvest of veg to come. At the moment this is my favourite end, so much growing, the broad beans are swelling in their pods, soon be time for a harvest. 
This area along the fence we have not used for years, it's a sun trap, but sadly the flies and smells from next door keep us away. The water feature is new, it's a firepit with a solar fountain, I wanted a low feature, everything else is years old, we both love this space now. Once all the plants in the big tub start to grow the area will be full of colour. 
Being aware on how much I am spending in the garden, we popped to B&Q to get some cheaper plants, £32 spent, one plant almost half price, I cut part of a rooted section from a scabiosa, making a small free plant. Every plant was pot bound, the roots in each case tightly wound around the bottom of the pots, I released the roots and planted, I prefer plants being pot bound rather than weak roots. These have all gone into my side bed. 

I have cut back all the yellowing leaves from the spring bulbs, the bulk being in the long side bed, my composter is now full, but it does break down quickly, I could now see the gaps in the ground, most of my focus will be on the side bed this time, I have bedding plants to go in for a couple of weeks, then the bed should be done. Last year there were Salvis hotlips, but they grew far to big, engulfing everything, whilst they are beautiful, it's not what I wanted in this bed. 

I have twice this week slept over at daughters, she had booked a break in Budapest, which both daughter and SIL needed, the children were very good for me, we had loads of fun, I did not want them to cancel the trip and lose money. As the children get older they are easier to look after, not so much lifting, and they can play well together, I did drive back here for one day, on sunny days they prefer to be outside. 

I am on hose pipe duty most nights, ensuring the broad beans are well watered, along with other new veg plants, all the new flowering plants had a good soak. I was really please using my Hori hori knife, I'm always wary with knives, they do scare me, both my garden knives are tucked away in a drawer with my secateurs, the drawer is a bugger to open, it sticks all the time, which makes me feel they are safe inside. 


  1. It must be very satisfying to sit and view your pretty garden and to appreciate all the lovely vegetables growing.

  2. Your garden is looking beautiful. I can't wait to get our garden the way we want it.

  3. Ooh so neat and tidy...not like mine 😉

  4. Your garden is really lovely, Marlene. And it must be so nice spending time out there, now that it is getting warmer. X

  5. Your garden gives you so much pleasure doesn't it. And so it should, you've both worked so hard on it. Pity about the smells and nuisance from next door, but at least you can sit away from it. Love the inventive water feature.

  6. I always look at bushy plants to split when I pay expensive garden centre prices because I haven't got that particular plant.

  7. Your garden is so lovely, it must be so good sitting outside. We're always so busy, we never seem to sit outside. Things need to change. Sorry you have to put up with difficulties from the neighbours. We have ok neighbours except for one side on the right - lots and lots of stinging nettle are left growing. The neighbour is in his 90's so not going to change anytime soon. The bottom of our garden neighbours are good at seeing to their hedge, but not on the left side sadly. We paid last time to reduce the height of Leylandii.

  8. You garden is looking very neat and tidy

  9. Your garden does look very nice.
    Very enjoyable to sit a while have a chat and watch the birds visiting.

    All the best Jan

  10. What a lovely garden. It must be such a joy to sit and see all that you have accomplished.

    God bless.

  11. Lovely! You got some bargains too!
    Plants are ridiculously expensive in the bigger garden centres here although the nearest nursery to me, 5 minutes away, is very reasonable…they are what I call, ‘proper plants people’…they know what they are doing and also sell their own seeds.

    I grow as much as I can from seed, but it’s still good to come home with the odd ‘treat’. Right now, I have my eye on the Blue Poppy ( Meconopsis) plants! I’ve never been successful growing these from seed!

    My friend has a similar neighbour whose house and garden must win the prize for the smelliest ever! My friend calls him, ‘Stinky Pete’! Not good to live next to that!

    Enjoy your garden! 😁



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