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Friday 10 May 2024


I enjoyed this book, she writes a good plot, again slightly different, I guessed who done it, with a twist in the middle, but not how, so a clever revel at the end, a really enjoyable book. Book 28 read this year. No crafting again I can't concentrate on anything for too long. 

This tiny bulb in my small apline dish is Weldenia Candida, I purchased it last year, whilst not expensive, it cost more than I would normally pay, I loved the blooms last spring. I hoped it would survive in my alpine dish as there is no drainage holes, just plenty of gravel, so I am overjoyed to see it again this year, it has one flower every day, which only last for just one day, last year we have 14 blooms, you can see the next bud below the flower. 
Peonies are one of my favourite flowers, so again this time of year is special, this plant came from my mum's garden, this is the 2nd garden we have planted it in, only 5 buds are going to open, I think I might need to dig around and remove some of the roots. I hope to find a yellow one this spring, I have just the perfect spot of it. 
This camellia was purchased last year, I had thought at one point the buds would fail, but it has been blooming for a couple of weeks. It's my first time of growing one, in a tub as our soil is not right conditions, whilst it's flowering it's near the front of the garden, later I will pop it to the back. 

I deleted my extra comments of the last post, as from Thursday hubby was unwell and got worse each day, Monday we called 111 and the doctor made an appointment at our local A&E, he was seen at the time given and taken straight to a cubical, he was suffering extreme diarrhoea, loads of test were done, his kidneys were playing up, so they kept him in. They have stabilized his kidneys, and on Wednesday we got the results, he had Campobylactor food poising, the infections doctor came to speak to him when I was visiting, hubby knew about the bug he had, as it was part of the H&S food handling courses he ran for years, the doctor was impressed, it was his first time of finding someone who under stood the bug. We think we know where it came from, we had lunch out last week on Tuesday, hubby had a cold chicken sandwich. 

I got an secondary infection, so I too have been unwell, we both have lost days, mine has started to clear up, and hubby is looking much better, he had been in isolation the whole time, his room does have a window, so it's not to bad. The hardest part was coming home to an empty house, something I have not done for 45 years, having said that I was still feeling unwell, so I went straight to bed. 

Yesterday was a long day, hubby was told they would allow him home, that was before lunch, his antibiotics arrived mid afternoon, so it was a case of waiting. I visited in hope I could drive him home, but just before 6pm there were no signs of any consent for him to leave, so I drove home. Luckily we live just 20mins drive from hospital, I sat at home waiting to hear from him, he came home later last evening.

The garden is not being touched, I did manage to water the veg and greenhouse once, and netted my pea shoots as the pigeons were eating them, I might have to sow some more. I'm having a social media break this weekend, we are doing nothing, loads of rest in the sunshine.

This year so far has not been nice to us, we are hoping things turn for the better very quickly. 


  1. Oh dear. I hope he recovers quickly. It sounds like it was pretty nasty.
    No more chicken sandwiches!

  2. I'm sorry to hear you've both been so unwell Marlene, particularly hubby. I hope you can have a nice restful weekend to recharge your batteries.

  3. Oh, your poor husband. I hope he's feeling much better now, and you, too, of course. I hope the sandwich place will be investigated.

  4. I feel for you, I had plenty of hospital events with Tom over the years and it’s exhausting. Look after yourself first as you are no good if you are not well. Hope things improve quickly for you both. Briony x

  5. So sorry to read that you've both been so unwell.
    Sending lots of good wishes for a speedy recovery.

    All the best Jan

  6. I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell, and I do hope your husband will make a full recovery. It must have been a miserable time for you both. Xx

  7. I have never had luck with peonies. Yours is absolutely gorgeous.

    God bless.

  8. So sorry to hear that both you and hubby have been struck down by the infection. Sounds very nasty. Puts you off eating out. I hope you both recover well over the weekend.

  9. I hope that your are feeling better now and that things improve for both of you.
    I love the little alpine! So cute! Have a good week! 😁

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your poorly husband. What a nightmare and how difficult for you all especially when you are not feeling at your best either. Hope you are all able to get some well deserved rest this week.



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