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Sunday 3 December 2023

It's arrived.

I've filled my advent bags, which I made last year, loads of lovely treats which both hubby and I love. I'm keeping them in this silk bag, as they are bulky, it would be cheaper to just purchase advent calendars, but this is way more fun. 
It took a couple of days, the tree is up and the decorations are placed, it does feel like Christmas. I was lucky and did not drop anything, our ornaments are all glass and won't bounce on our wooden floor. The lights fill the room at night, and reflect off the patio door. I followed trend this year and instead of wrapping the lights around the tree, I went up and down, much easier.
We had little visitors on Friday, George loves a hat, here stealing my chair, which he finds hilarious. 
Molly also with the Santa hat, she is covered in spots, chickenpox, at least they will be soon gone, both boys have already had it.

We posted our cards this week, less said about the cost the better, both our families are not close to us, so cards are important this time of year, we transfer monies to parents accounts to be added to the grandchildren's cards. We had our first Christmas gift arrive this week, it's now under the tree and have a few cards, it's starting to feel right. 

It was lovely to have both little ones for the day, daughter looked exhausted and we got her to rest, Molly has not been sleeping to well, so a day at home. They both were very good with our tree, George wanted to touch more then Molly, I took both of them into the garden to help pick up the huge Magnolia leaves, they both love helping me, we did not stay out to long, it's dry but really cold. Our village lights were turned on Friday evening, but I was too tired to walk to the village, it lasted for two hours, these bugs are still causing me issues, I'm so tired by mid afternoon.

Saturday was a day at home, hubby put up a small shelf behind the TV, we have so many electronic bits cluttering up behind the TV, it does look much neater with them all out of the way. He has measured the space for a new radiator in the bathroom, the outside wall by the front door is always a damp spot, we have had work done, but it would help if we can double the size of the radiator, so we have chosen a tall one for the small room. It was dry and grey all day. 

It rained overnight and is still raining here, the snow was to our north, its cold, another day at home, I have a crafty plan for today.


  1. It's good that Molly will be over the worst of the pox before Christmas. Little ones are often under the weather then.

  2. Love seeing the children's happy faces even if one of them has chickenpox. Get well quickly Molly.
    Love your Advent bags, such a great and fun idea x

  3. I did not know about the Christmas lights trick. I haven't put mine up yet, so I think I might try this idea.
    Your grandchildren are adorable. Xx

  4. Molly will be done her bout of chickenpox in no time. I love how both the grandkids love wearing the Christmas hat.

    God bless.

  5. Love your Christmas tree. Doug has put the lights up on ours but that is as far as we have got.

  6. I remember the pox well...when poorly children were put to bed to rest and sweat, I had long hair which stuck to some of my sores...yuck and ouch! x

  7. I put up our tree today, but it doesn't look anywhere near as good as yours. I don't enjoy putting the lights on the tree. I had to use a different set this year and they don't seem as bright. I can't face taking everything off to change them though. I'm hoping it's just the batteries that need changing.

  8. Molly and George look cute in their Santa hat :-)
    Your tree looks lovely, it's nice to have the light on when the days are so dark. Those organza bags come in useful for many different things;-)



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