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Thursday 7 December 2023


I finally am starting to feel less unwell, so Monday I had some fun with needle felting, I have seen loads of these star shaped needle felted Santa's on the net, so I thought I would have a go. My first one is copying what I have seen, it's nice but......
I had a couple more goes, attempts 2 and 3 were very much quicker to make, I wanted to make his hat bigger, and used different softer rovings for his moustache, I think his eyes whilst the same size as number 1, looks the correct proportions on 2 and 3. Attempt number 3, I have gone too far, his hat does not look right, and his eyes are not level, which I did not notice until I saw this photo. 
Simple to make, using a cookie cutter in the shape of a star, then adding a bit extra for his hat, adding his flesh colour for his face and then eyes, and nose. Next was his hat and the white fur and pompom, lastly was his moustache. 
I then decided to finish my 2 completed baubles, the blue one with stars is for my sister Lena, she loves blue, I shall also send to her a Santa, not sure which one yet. The red bauble is for our tree, the tops were easy to make wrapping the coloured roving around the gold loop and then attaching to the bauble. I have 4 others to finish.

Monday we were at home as our landscaper started work, I decided to play with my needle felting and had a great few hours, it was nice to be crafting again, I hope to make a few more Santa's and finish the other 4 baubles, there is no rush and if they don't get done, it won't be an issue. We had to replace two handles on our upstairs windows, these windows are the only ones not replaced in the last couple of years, and now fixed are back to good condition. 

Tuesday we both went out for lunch, it was with my sign group, hubby does enjoy coming, we were in town in a pub the group often uses, we chose not to have the Christmas menu, we travelled by bus and I enjoyed a glass of wine with my meal, first one in ages. It was a very dull grey day again, but without the rain. We swapped secret Santa, the recipient of my gift, opened it, looked up and said thank you to me, pretending not to know what she implied, it was a book for a book worm, I'm glad she liked it, I have a lovely new scarf, so perfect I could have picked it myself. 

Wednesday a day at home, after a bit of house work, more crafting, I have decided to make a few more Santa's, it's fun to have a production line. The landscaper has finished digging out and is now levelling everywhere, ready for the paving and fake grass, he is working on his own and is a true grafter, we just supply him with tea and bacon sarnies. I have started to sew my green cardi together, I have only the button hole band to knit, I can't wait to wear it, as I love the other two I have made..

I have stopped Pilates until the new year, I am just so tired, and the thought of going out at 6pm for a class is to much at the moment. 


  1. Good evening, looking forward to seeing the cardi and the garden. Have been out in my small yard weeding,clipping back,mulching and getting ready for a predicted very hot summer! The Santas are cute!

  2. Glad you had a good time at the Sign Group Xmas lunch. I just love your needle felted ornaments. Santa is so cute. Looking forward to seeing your garden once it's finished.

  3. It's good that the garden work is going ahead at pace. It must be pretty miserable working outside at this time of year and I'm sure the bacon sarnies are greatly appreciated.

  4. I am so glad that you had a good time at the luncheon.

    Your felted ornaments are lovely. Great crafting happening at your home.

    God bless.

  5. Pleased that the landscaper is getting on well, and I'm sure he appreciates the tea and bacon sarnies.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan



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