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Thursday, 25 May 2023

When the sunshines

Tuesday we drove to Stokes Bay, it's less than 20 minutes drive, we don't come here often enough. Looking over to Isle of Wight, with a large ferry coming into Portsmouth Harbour. It was a beautiful day, perfect to be along the shore line.
These long flat shingle beaches are all along this stretch of coastline, here stretching towards Lee on the Solent and right over to Southampton. Plenty of space for families, this area will be full next week in school half term, it's a haven for famlies.
Looking the other way towards Gosport and Portsmouth. There were plenty of people walking, fewer on the beach. Further down are some family attractions, not much this is a low key resort, loads of local caravan parks. 
Hubby suggested lunch out on Sunday, I asked him to defer until today, less people about and suggested a lovely beach side place here, I have been there many times  it was first time for hubby. We took a short walk after lunch and then back home, nothing much for tea, lunch kept us full. 

I was not up to going to sign group on Tuesday morning, hubby has not been feeling to well and getting very tired, and with the issues coming from next door, we have had another long ranting correspondence from her, accusing us of many things, the smell and flies outside are horrendous, we have stopped opening our patio doors. I have made a net structure to place in the open bedroom window, so we can have some fresh air inside. This time of year  is always the same as she opens all her doors and windows, the smell will dieback, the flies will increase.

This week daughter popped in with George and Molly, which was great, we sat outside, the children ate lunch on the small bench and played together. Daughter checked the chalk lines which are still there, she thought the design would work well, we had space for a 3rd chair and plenty of room for the little ones. 

I am still reading a huge book, I'm on page 630, out of 999, so still a way to go. The garden is finished for now, it looks how I wanted it to be, loads of colour and different bedding plants, the weather is allowing us to sit outside, I am loving everywhere is doing well, having replaced the few plants lost in the winter and all the bedding plants are in, the colour is coming through. 

Today we are popping to Port Solent, with loads of expensive yachts to look at, hubby needs new shoes, there is a good shop there. I won't look as I don't need any footwear at all. Later I will collect Will from school, it's his last day, it's the start of half term, so a week at home.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day out at the beach with Hubby. I don't blame you for not going over the weekend. Everywhere just gets too busy. The closest I get to the sea these days are the seagulls that head into London for richer pickings. It sounds like we're at the seaside when they caw, but there's no water.

  2. How lucky you are to have the sea so close to home, sounds like a lovely day out.
    Hope your hubby managed to get his shoes, I hate shoe shopping more than I hate clothes shopping, lol.
    Hope your daughter is on the mend now.

  3. I hope your day by the sea was the perfect remedy for your recent stresses. I hope your daughter is beginning to feel a little better now. Xx

  4. Nice to spend some time at the beach.

    All the best Jan

  5. I am so glad that you had a lovely day at the beach, and that your daughter is feeling a bit better. Hope the neighbour problems disappear soon.

    God bless.



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