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Thursday, 18 May 2023

This week.

I am still at daughters home, I brought Molly home on Wednesday for a break, the boys were at school and nursery,  it was lovely being home for a few hours, I miss my garden. Daughter has a garden, but it's very modern without flowers. Molly enjoyed playing with different toys and books.
The final fence panels have been fitted and we are again secure and private, it was an extremely hard task, the vegetation and rubbish was bad on the other side, hubby moved loads before the work could start,  also having the greenhouseso close did not help. I will pop the lightweight plastic panels back here, out of the way. Firstly we want some gravel, I will look to see if anyone has any going free. Hubby and workman did not see our neighbour, so it's classed as a result.
These peony's are going over quickly and I am missing their beauty,  the other plant which bloomed for the first year, is not bowl of beauty,  its the same colour as this one, I don't mind.

The saga with my daughter is ongoing, she was sent home on Tuesday night with strong painkillers,  and went back into the ward on Wednesday morning, only to find no bed, and again had to sit hours in a chair, MIL sat with her whilst I did childcare, the department had a couple of emergencies come in, we are thankful daughter is not in that situation. It's also the third day of no food, she was nil by mouth, just in case, it does feel as if you are just a number not a person. She had to be back in at 8.30am, which is school run time, so all grandparents were on driver duty. Daughter  has now been sent home with strong antibiotics,  the doctor thinks she has a severe infection, I've suggested she stay in bed, if her little ones see her, it could get too much.

It seems no one is surprised by the waiting times, it does feel like a shambles, again I'm not knocking any of the staff, but it become their normal day, do their thing, wait for test results, move person off bed to chair, to wait, change departments and start again. I don't believe any government has purposely set out to break up the NHS, I think they have all just let it slide, as with schools,  police ect, we live in a world where too many people want cheap, and look what we have left.

Today Will is at school and Molly at nursery,  so I will take George to ours, so mummy can rest, again it's nice to spend time with hubby.


  1. It must be both a worrying and exhausting time for you...and frustrating too. These 'events' often fall upon us out of the blue when all normality and routine has to be put on hold for a while to cope but you are doing brilliantly and your daughter must be so thankful she has both sets of grandparents to help out. In our situation both our daughter's in laws cannot help out due to their own health issues so when help is needed we are on our own. You must be relieved to have the fence panels in place and can now get on with sorting the area in front. Bags of gravel are quite expensive now so I hope you find some - Freecycle is good for that kind of thing, we got all our stone from there. Lovely picture of Molly. Take care.

  2. I've just read your previous posts ...
    Goodness, what a very worrying week you've had, and thank goodness for families like yours that can help each other out.
    I do hope that with the strong antibiotics your daughter will recover and feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's experience. It's awful to see our loved ones go though these things but at least she knows she's got family to rely on, that's one thing that'll put her mind at rest, especially when she has three young children. I hope she's soon on the mend.

  4. So sorry that there has not really been an improvement in your daughters health. I am so glad that you and MIL are there to help out.

    God bless.



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