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Thursday 10 August 2017

Sunny morning

I have a few projects to make, this cotton mix sheet and pillow cases are going to be stitched into a reading wigwam. The poles are from a garden set of pick up sticks, which I don't have out, the older children almost always use them as javelins.  The grey goes well with the quilt fabrics I have.
We popped to Asda for a few food items, 
and were aware they were selling off summer items.
These tapes were reduced from £2 to £1 each, so I got five, I have already got loads of my pots done, I have used hardly any slug pellets this summer, this type of tape and our visiting hedgehog have keep my plants safe. 
I had visitors yesterday, my young neighbour and her children, Maddie who is 5 has started loosing her baby teeth and we required a solution for the tooth fairy. I was given her summer school dress, where the skirt had paint stains on, so not enough fabric for a big cushion. Mum suggested we made use of the small pocket on the dress. So I cut a small square just bigger than the pocket, cut a back and made a small handle so it can be hung. It was quick to make and Maddie loved it, I forgot to take a photo, but was pleased to be able to make a keepsake from her 1st school dress.
I have finished reading The Stolen Child, Keith Donohue, it got much better as I was reading, and once completed made a good story. I don't think I will look for another of his books.
We have been sorting our kitchen cupboards and freezers, we have decided to work our way through the contents, our freezers are fill and there is so much we were not sure what we had, yesterday we did not purchase any meat, we have enough frozen to last the rest of this month. Other than the copper tape we did not buy any other summer sale items.
Today is another day at home, hubby has popped to garage for the final part of the van service, we only have the paintwork to sort now, it is all working perfectly.
Tomorrow I have Will, hubby is working and daughter will leave us together for a few hours.


  1. That copper tape is brilliant, I have it around several pots too.
    Hopefully i will be able to get some from Wilkinson's when the do there garden sale again.

  2. I've never used the tape but I do use dried egg shells.

  3. It's lovely that you're able to make things for the youngsters, I'm sure the reading wigwam will be well used and the 1st school dress keepsake is a wonderful idea.

  4. I will have to check for that slug tape in the US. Have a fun time with Will.



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