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Friday 25 August 2017

Back in the garden

Tiny bit of retail, 3 pop up 'greenhouses' for £1.50
I have had the one in use for 3 years, 
they are brilliant
in the end of season sale from the pound shop. 
 A few flowers from the garden,
the pink ones in the front are from my £1 reduced plant
which is now full of blooms
 1st of my dahlia's, they are all late this year
 Late raspberries, the fruits are all looking good. 
My cut flower raised bed was a let down,  two reasons, 
firstly the tomato plant placed in front made it difficult to get to the bed, 
secondly using seeds did not work. lesson learnt for next year. 
I spent an hour in the back of my garden
none of the primroses or cyclamen, are new 
I just separated ones from last year, which I had in pots all through the summer
I left the sweet peas in the corner, they did not do well this year, 
but I hope they may come back next year. 
 This area is tidy again, 
my long pots have bird seed growing in them
The late summer flowers are now coming into their own, I am pleased now with my garden, the side garden only missed on summer flowers, which next year I will grow from seeds in the greenhouse  and plant out. I would also like a few shrubs, I watched last Fridays gardening world, where Monty showed how to purchase a going over cheap plant, cut the top growth off and take the roots apart to make more plants for next year. I need to get farmyard manure for the side bed, which I get from the garden center, so I will get a couple cheap plants and try and make new plants for next year, I feel it's worth a go.
We have been given two lovely pots from Win's garden, and two azaleas, hubby wants them for his front garden, so we will get the ericaceous compost.
The yellow tomatoes have gone into our freezer, I did not have enough jam jars to make chutney, so I left the bowl on the side whilst we were away and most of them ripen so I blanched them to remove the skins and chopped them, and bagged them up for use in sauces. We will use the rest of the red tiny gardeners delight tomatoes.
My worms are now happy in their home, we are adding the small amount of kitchen waste for them to eat, I am also getting some liquid fertilizer, but I think alot of it is water, as the rain still gets in.
Lunch out on Monday was fun, it's nice to have time to chat, my friend still works but does shifts of 4 days working and then 4 days off. I have no desire to work even part time.


  1. I wonder why direct sown seeds in a garden are so difficult? I had trouble too with some annuals. I like to sow in trays then transplant. Maybe I hoe them all up y mistake or my DH does. We are having a tomato glut at present to making lots of tomato sauce and tomato and basil soup for the freezer. I've a new recipe to try with them too this weekend, a Mexican black bean soup.
    I retired early at 47 and it was the best thing I ever did!

  2. Those little plastic greenhouses are a bargain, it's a good time of year to pick things up cheaply. Your dahlia is lovely, I haven't grown any this year. I don't mind things flowering late, it's nice to have some colour when other things are winding down in the garden.

  3. Those little plastic greenhouses look very useful. Never seen one before!
    Finally got around to adding you to my blog list and clicking "follow"!

  4. Those little greenhouses are cute! The flowers are pretty too.

  5. I was watching Monty last night well half watching as he was taking cuttings, I must get round to doing some, my cut flowers were all bulbs and tubers and they have been fantastic, the Dahlias have been the best I have ever had and I have been cutting them for a moth now and there are tons more out there.

  6. Beautiful flowers :) I love the pop-up greenhouses... I think they'd be ideal!

  7. I have never seen a pop up greenhouse, Marlene. Your flowers look lovely, dahlias are beautiful. Meg:)

  8. How lovely to have a reminder of Win in your own garden for you to enjoy.



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