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Monday 21 August 2017


The Crow Girl, was a confusing and dark book for me, I have not read anything like this before, I have been trying out new to me authors, I won't read another of his books. I did read to the end, almost 800 pages, the story was good enough.
The Olive tree, was a brilliant read, told from the son's view, not a romance which I don't always enjoy. This book had 600 pages each one I enjoyed. 
 I really enjoyed I let you go, so was looking forward to I See You, clever plot, I did not want to put this book down, loved every word. 
I have just stared Last Seen Alive, another new author for me,  it has started well, hope to read some more later.
 Whilst away hubby got me this book, reduced to £7, I am looking forward to reading it and trying a few recipes, I do like Nigel Slaters way of cooking. 
 I was given this beautiful book a couple of years ago and did not want to use it for just anything. We decided whilst we were away to have a book to list any sites we visit, rating them and would we return. I have two sites to list. 
So this is my campervan book. 
Three of the books above has  Fast back stickers on, these are from our library, they are new books and you only have two weeks in which to read them, plus you are not able to extend the loan, great for me as a very quick reader. I always look on this stand first.
We had a wonderful few days away in our campervan, we did have rain and a thunder storm, but we stayed dry, the van has a fan heater so we stayed warm as well. I will post about our trip next time, we are already planning a trip in September.
Another Monday, I am having lunch with a friend today, we catch up once every couple of months. I will pop out on my own, nothing required in town, so hubby will stay at home. It's dull here today, but there is a suggestion the sun will come through.


  1. I did enjoy I See You but I didn't think it was as good as I Let You Go, I really enjoyed that one. Your campervan book is pretty, I'm the same, I don't like using my lovely stationery for just anything. Glad you had a good time away.

  2. I loved I See You and didn't want it to end. I like the look of a couple of the books you talk about and have added them to my must read list.

  3. I enjoyed I See You, haven't read any of the others, always looking for new authors though. Your campervan book is beautiful, I can see why you wanted it to be for something special xx

  4. Thank you so much for the book reviews!

  5. I love the pretty cover of your campervan book! We have fastback books we can borrow from our local library too but only have 7days to return them. I always find myself speed reading when I borrow them! Meg:)

  6. Pretty book for recording your campervan adventures in.



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