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Tuesday 30 December 2014

12 days of Christmas

I am having my own 12 days of Christmas, today I am taking 12 items from my wardrobe to our local charity shop, it is something I have been thinking about for a while.
2 tops
1 skirt
3 pairs of summer trousers
2 pairs of sandals
1 pair of boots
1 hand bag
1 cardigan
and loads of scarves (counted as one item)
Each item is in good condition, but I don't use them any more. 
 Hubby for Christmas got me an Xcut express machine, so my Xyron above with all the shapes and spare cutters I am giving to a friend who has just become a infant teacher, she will have loads of use for it.
 Some of you are doing sealed pots this year, above is our version, we have had this bottle for years, it came back with us after a holiday in Germany, each year we empty it and have a treat. when the girls were young we emptied it in August and used the money for their school shoes.  We expect about £70 from it, and will use some of it to go for a nice meal, which is our treat. What is left over goes back into the jar for next year. 
We never miss our loose change. 
 Two Orchids, the back one is still growing buds,
 more free flowers.
 Amaryllis is doing well, it was a l;ate start, and my Hyacinth is still growing, 
I have moved both into the sitting room.
My lemon and lime plants like their new pot and are happy in their sunny spot. The Avocado is much the same, I think leaves are all I am going to get from it.

Sunday night the lower lights on my Christmas tree failed, so yesterday I packed the tree away, I still have cards and a few festive items out, so it's not totally bare here, again this year I have sorted and loads of small items are being passed on, my daughter Su will have first choice at them, her much larger tree was sparse this year.
I have also left loads of white lights around the house, in the dark cold evenings it makes the place look warmer.
We had another hard frost last night, every were is white, but we are warm and snug inside. Later I want to go to The Range, to see if their Christmas lights are half price, I can get a new set for next year, also they sell Xpress cutters, I already have a few, but again I am hoping their Christmas ones will be int the sale.
I think I am feeling a bit happier, getting the house back to normal and giving it a good clean helped, just a couple more days at home. Back to work on Friday, we have our neighbours 100th birthday tea on Saturday, Win is amazing for her age. January 1st is Logans 4th birthday, 2nd is Wins birthday and my brother Martins birthday, we are not travelling back to Somerset, the roads are horrendous, our last journey home took 5 hours, which was 2 hours longer than normal.
Still no stitching, but I have joined a stitch along which starts on Jan 10th.


  1. I've got a beautiful white orchid which my friend bought for me last Christmas and it's just coming back in to flower again now. I've got another orchid which I've had for about six or seven years which also has buds so I'm waiting for them to open out too.

  2. Why are the roads going to Somerset so horrible?

    You had a hard frost, and we are expecting snow. It snowed some last night, just enough to cover the ground, but it melted today. It is getting very cold inside now. will have to turn up the heat, put on heavy jammies and wrap up in my CHristmas blanket tonight :)

  3. Well that was spooky, I was just reading this when a message came up to say you had posted on my blog! I like the sealed pot idea, we always put change in a pot but as it's not sealed it always gets dipped into. The plants look lovely, I kill all house plants I'm afraid. My kids call me Charlie 'grim reaper' Dimmock.

  4. As always your plants are beautiful - I can only manage the peace Lily in the house! Enjoy your birthdays - gosh 100! Don't blame you for not travelling back to Somerset - you can do that later when the weather is a bit better too.



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