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Sunday 28 December 2014

In between

We are in the strange time between Christmas and New Year.
Our Christmas was very quiet, my fault, I could not muster up the full festive cheer. We had Josh and Sam on Christmas eve, we had a great Christmas day, and after a long drive had most of Boxing day with Logan and Finn.
Our Fireman Sam
 Josh had a huge Lego set

 Logan with his Batcave 
 Finn, a gift for Nanna and Grancha
We are back home, I am fighting the desire to take down all the decorations, they can stay for a few more days. Not interested in the sales or shopping, but I hope to spend an hour in the garden later.
It's a sunny day here after a hard frost, no snow this low in the country, might try and get for a walk later, we have soup made from all the leftover veg from our Christmas lunch, I make it every year, with fresh baked bread.
We have an invite for New Years eve to our daughters house, so in between we can rest, December was a trying month in so many ways, resting somewhere warm with the sun shine through the window sounds bliss.
Paula thanks for your card, it's near the cat's baskets, lovely card.
From reading blogs, we have had a mixed Christmas, so I hope you are all happy, warm and with someone you love.


  1. It's not surprising that you can't muster up much Christmas cheer this year, but you've been with family and loved ones and that's what matters. Keep your chin up, hope 2015 is a better year for you.

  2. I'm glad Grace and Purdy liked their card :)

    We had Christmas with Gene's family yesterday . . . his niece and nephew live between 2 and 8 hours from here so they come after Christmas. It was fun having a 6 and 3 years old there. They are what makes Christmas fun. I am sure you felt the same. The delight in a child's eyes makes the day.

    We put some blue lights out when the weather was nice. I like the look of the ice blue outside in the cold of winter. Gene draped the stair railing in the living room with Garland and that, basically, was the extent of our inside decorations. Oh, and my brother sent a Poinsettia and we hung up cards.

    The elder I get, the less I care about decorating . . . now I understand why my parents decorated less and less as they got older,

    Hope your New Years Eve is fun. We will probably do cheese, crackers and sausage sometime that evening and stay up and watch "the ball drop." Then, off to bed with all the other "old people . . LOLOL

  3. Sending you a (big hug) xxxx

  4. Love the pictures of the little ones. Sending hugs and happy thoughts for a better 2015.


  5. I think you did well considering what you've been through.Great photos. Hope the weather is still not too bad for you. I had no interest in the sales at all. I couldn't believe how busy the shops were on New Years Eve and some shops were open New Years Day!!!!



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