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Sunday, 25 May 2014

European Cushion update

Just a couple of photo's
We went out for a burger to Deans Diner, looks just as we would expect a 50's American diner to look. Food was great, well cooked and tasty. 
The staff great fun.
 I know the tables looked messy, but it was busy and I got a couple of photo's before the next people sat down. I loved these huge hanging lights. 
We will pop back again,.
 I finished the second central row, and I am glad, I had to unpick the last design, I was not as bad as the second, but it sends my eyes all over the place. 
 The design is beautiful, last night I decided to fill in the large outer panel, I want to see the colours in this section, before I choose the central colours, there should only be seven different colours, I have already used six.
Up close
I had a late night stitching last night, our BB2 is 50 years old and they showed the history of their comedy programme's, it was on to mid night, and was so very funny. They have over the years made some great shows with our top comedians, and they showed great moments from these shows, I laughed as I stitched.
This morning is blue skies, they should not be here for long, not that I will be outside, I have a mountain of housework to do.
We did plan a BBQ for later, but we have changed it to a buffet tea, both daughters will be here and their partners if they can make it. Josh and Sam are with Granny in Manchester, shame it's such a long drive for them.
I went to Hobbycraft and Haskins yesterday, no purchase in Hobbycraft, and spent under £10 in the garden centre, must be a record, I really did not need anything, my garden is looking great. Su purchased some strawberry plants and two pots, back here I planted them for her, it was a cheat, we found six plants in full flower, which will speed every thing for her.
All I do in my garden is potter, I have uncovered my two tomato plants, which are in the tub outside, fingers crossed the weather is kind.
Tomorrow I am abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth harbour,  I don't like heights so it is going to be a challenge, fingers crossed the rain is only light, it takes just 10 minutes to get down, photo's will follow.
I also have Tuesday off, so a long, long weekend, I hope to have my sewing machine out all day Tuesday.


  1. The diner looks great :) your sewing is coming on a treat :) hope you have a nice buffet tea and very good luck for tomorrow xx

  2. Enjoy your family tea, we have one tomorrow as my granddaughter celebrates her 3rd birthday.

    I'll be thinking of you whizzing down the tower.



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