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Sunday 30 March 2014

Mothering Sunday

I'm doing the boring middle bit, 
I have to take care as any stitch done scruffy will stand out.
 Hubby finished the furniture and then painted the decking last night, so breakfast this morning was Alfresco, I spent another couple hours outside today, just pottering, most of the big stuff was done yesterday. All my seedling are growing well, I have sown herb seeds today.
 It's Mothering Sunday here, so we had both daughters, Sammy and Josh over, so after cake, cards and gifts, they have all gone home, my daughters were wonderful and got me this huge candle, plus a card from Logan, who was with his mummy all day, it's a shame they are so far away.
I have just packed our vacuum cleaner away,
I should not be amazed where cake crumbs can end up.
It has been a perfect weekend, two warm and sunny days, and a nice warm evening, not going out on the bike tonight, just sat at home watching the wild life in our garden.
So now I am off to stitch.
If you are in UK, I hope your special day was good as well.


  1. Happy Mothering Sunday. Our Mothers Day is later in the spring.

    Kev looks very compfy on the patio :)

  2. You're stitching is looking great, and you have done already a nice progress on the centre :) glad to hear you had a nice mother's day with your daughters

  3. Ooh the rug looks wonderful :) and your garden looks really nice. See hubby is busy :) I like your mother day cards and lovely Jo Malone candle :). Hope you're still enjoying the nice weather.



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