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Friday, 21 March 2014

Just a quick update

It's Friday again, how quickly the week passes.
 I have been out two evenings this week, so not as much stitching as I wanted, but this is coming along, I will stitch all the design and do the infill around the edge, it's easy stitching and I am still loving it.
 I had a lovely day with eldest daughter yesterday, we went shopping and had lunch out. I have twice this week ate a Waggamama, in two different locations, and had great meals, I love rice and noodles, and with Fliss being gluten free, they had loads to choose from.
No plans for this weekend, we are fore caste rain, we have had a couple of dry weeks, so I really don't mind, but it has got cold again, so we will stay inside and keep warm.


  1. The border looks gorgeous Marlene :) you lucky thing eating out twice this week. Hope you have a lovely weekend and hope the weather isn't too bad.

  2. Wonderful progress Marlene.




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