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Thursday 13 March 2014

All over the place

I have been busy this week, so not so much stitching done.
 I have started filling 3 boxes, 
 I normally do these one box at a time, but I just floated, 
and enjoyed stitching each little bit. 
 I have these 3 boxes to finish and 3 more to complete, so I am on the final stretch, I have run out of the outside box light purple silks, so I have to decide should I top up my stash and order on line, or pop to a more expensive local shop and just buy the one thing (not sure I can do that).
I have already added to my linen stash, can't decide which to use for European cushion, both would work well, I think once I have chosen my DMC colours,
it will become clearer. 

This is The Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth, I have been up to the top of the viewing platforms twice, on a clear day it is a beautiful trip with stunning views. I will be here again on Monday 26th May, a bank holiday in UK, but the difference is this time I am going to abseil down the outside, it's 170 meters above sea level, and I am scare of heights. I have a very good reason to do this, I will be raising money for cancer charities and our local hospital, I have always promised I would repay the care they gave me in 2010.
Tonight I am meeting both my daughters for a weekly late night, shop, coffee and chatter. It's great fun to get together and we enjoy each others company, I am a lucky mum to have two beautiful thoughtful and lovely daughters. Last night we went to listen to our local Naval Volunteer band, playing film scores, it was great. Tomorrow I am going for an early St Patrick's Day lunch, not sure what we will have to eat, except there is always potatoes, that's another jolly through the office.
I have parcels in the post, look out for your postman, Beauty Bonnett, can you please send me your address.


  1. As always love the sewing. Hope you had a lovely catch up and shopping trip. You are quite brave abseiling down that but all for a great cause and I bet you actually enjoy it :)

  2. Awesome progress Marlene.


  3. Good luck with your fundraising, what a view from the top it must be.



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