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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Yea stitching

Another new start, I was not inspired to stitch, so I thought I would start this heart, my second one from Rovaris, but I thought purple would be a change from red. This I should finish over the weekend, I know where it will hang.
 Hubby thought our garden needed more lights, so the garage is now flashing, 
nice to see coloured lights
 Our bedroom is finished, 
hubby took our four wardrobes and created a walk in area.
 We moved the dressing table
 purchased the glass shelves to hold a few of my treasures, 
I do like things neat and tidy.
 The four doors from the original wardrobes created the front on the new system, the two outer doors are fixed, it is how I wanted it to look, just as if it was just four simple wardrobes in an alcove.
 But once you open the doors, it's magical, he has created almost double the storage space we had before, adding more hanging space and loads more shelves. Yes I know I have far too much clothes, but now it is all in one place. He spent most of his weeks holiday to make this, and I am really pleased, he is a bit of a perfectionist.
We have just a week to go, and we are as ready as we can be, just the fresh food items to get early next week.
All our presents are behind the sofa, no room under the tree, they are sat there waiting for a special family Christmas.
My brother Martin will arrive on Friday, he is staying with us for a couple of days before going on to his daughters house for Christmas. My main task this weekend is to top ice my Christmas cake, I like to leave it late to enjoy it as my last minute task.
Work is going well, Friday we are having our Christmas lunch, and most of the day will be fun, Monday will be our last working day, we are having Christmas Eve off, which pleases me, I can see both Josh and Sammy longer and Logan is set to arrive earlier with mummy and daddy.
The festive spirit is here with me, I hope it finds it's way to you all as well.

PS the storm has started, loads of rain and wind fore caste again, might be a long night.


  1. Hello Marlene,
    You have a very nice backyard. My favorite is the greenhouse. Love the lights also. I just received the Christmas card you sent. Love it. The pixs are great! Nice job!!
    BTW - that is an awesome idea for the wardrobe! Your hubby did a very nice job!
    Merry Christmas!
    Many big hugs and smiles!

  2. Marlene I love your walk in wardrobe :) your garden looks lovely with your festive lighting, Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy your last day at work.

  3. A lovely new start Marlene. Love the colour.

    Your walk in wardrobe is brilliant and love the lights in your garden.

    Merry Christmas!



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