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Friday 27 December 2013

Snuggled in the warm.

For a couple of hours we were a full house on Christmas day, not the whole of the family, but all three grand sons and their mummies and daddies, Su and David. With loads of Christmas jumpers and hats, it was a real good feeling. 
 Half way through the present rush, and most of these were for Logan, Sammy and Josh had opened theirs at home before popping over, the paper pile got much higher than this. I was lucky and had super gift's this again this year.
 Sammy and Logan had loads of fun together, could not find a photo where they were both still, Thomas was very popular again for little boys. The house has looked like a toy shop for two days.
 Now it's just Kev and I, Mummy, daddy and Logan drove home last night, a day early, but today we have had the third big winter storm hit us, we were sorry to see them leave early, but are glad they are home safe and not driving today. We are having high winds and heavy rain again, our area is safe from flooding, but with so many tree's bringing down power lines, we just count our selves lucky to be able to stay at home in the warm.
 My garden is going nuts again, above we have spring flowers and the bulbs are shooting already. Our tree is in bud again, every thing is just crazy in the garden, yet my indoor bulbs are way behind, no signs of buds.
I have spend the morning sorting the house, it looks more like it should, I am going to catch up with a few TV Christmas specials, lazy afternoon at home.
Tomorrow I will pop in and see the boys for the day, they have so many presents to show me, Josh we gave money and he has purchased a huge Starwars Lego pack. I am looking forward to that.

I hope if you have storms where you are, you are safe and warm with your loved ones close by.


  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the Christmas card!

    When I received it, I felt so guilty because I had not written your address in my address book.

    Would you PLEASE give me your address on my blog . . . I will not publish and then will delete the comment once I copy it down.

    LOVED seeing the pictures of you, Kev and the boys :)

  2. Such a lovely family!!
    many hugs and smiles. :))



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