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Sunday 15 December 2013

December in the garden

Our magnolia tree, every year I love this view, it's our wildlife food table.
Hubby fills the coconut shells with his own lard mix and with dried worms and nuts, there is a feast here. We still see loads of birds, Starlings swoop in numbers. Our squirrels are back, watching all the time for next doors cats. 
 The garden is in winter mode now, most of the leaves have dropped from the tree. It's nice to see the Pansy's in the pot, a little extra colour.
 Typical for the cats, Grace out watching me, Purdy inside watching me, are they thinking " strange woman is always taking photo's".
 These pots by our back door are colourful, the primroses are coming into bloom, wrong time of year, but loads of plants are mixed up. I still have flowers in my front garden, they don't look their best, but it's nice to see. We have had some rain yesterday, it has been dry for weeks and my pots needed the water.
 Angela my dear friend set me a challenge, she gave me this Poinsettia, I have bad history with these plants, they drop their leaves very quickly. I have been on the net and found out where I was going wrong. I was given this on last Sunday 08.12.13, lets see if I can keep this one longer.
 My Orchid, Amaryllis's and Hyacinths are all behind this year, so I should have beautiful flowers in January, which will cheer the house up after all the decorations are packed away.
Hubby is having a week off work and he is working in our bedroom, turning 4 tall wardrobes into a 7 unit walk in wardrobe, with the original doors on the front. This large alcove is perfect for this. He is hoping to complete on Monday. So I have had a huge sort out, loads of things going to our local charity shop.

I have not stitched any thing, it's very busy here, with loads of invites from friends and the house sort.On the plus side I had all the presents and they are wrapped, yesterday we did the big Tesco shop. Today I am out with a friend for a couple of hours.

Every thing else is normal, family are well, our grand sons keep us smiling and we will have them all together again on Christmas Eve, it's turning out to be a great Christmas season.


  1. Have fun over the festive season.

  2. I believe that the wardrobe idea gave you a nice dressing area also. Giving it a built in look updated your bedroom. Looks so nice.
    I just love the idea.
    Many smiles :))



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