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Sunday, 22 December 2013

After the rains.

We have had heavy rain and winds for the pass two days, the garden is still looking OK, not so the fence, but we are unable to make repairs, the ladies next door have claimed it. So we have to watch and wait.
In the summer if it is not repaired we will put up anther fence, 
just inside our boundary.
 My gift of the poinsettia is still looking good, if I have read the correct instructions on the Internet, I hope to be able to keep this one to the new year.
 Festive table, with special crackers for Josh and Sam, 
Logans is on our tree with the grown up crackers.
 Almost there with the cake, just need to add a few pretty things, 
I can't find any I want to use, so hubby has gone shopping. 
 Purdy has spotted me with the camera, she loves the corner of this table, 

  I am still stitching, I have finished the first page of the pattern, we watched a couple movies last night, so I am a bit further behind then I expected. Arty photo below, don't you just love those neat little crosses.
My brother Martin is with us until tomorrow, he will then go to his daughters for Christmas, he will have loads of fun with his grand son. We hope to see Fliss and Josh today, not sure about Sammy, he has been poorly.

Nothing planned for the rest of the day, hope to stitch, will have to see what hubby and brother has planned.
The wet and windy weather is set to return tomorrow, I will be at work all day.
Then Christmas eve with family arriving, should have all three grand sons together again.

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