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Sunday 16 June 2013

Garden post

I have spent the weekend outside, the garden has called to me. I have potted loads of seedlings, and dug up a couple of plants which don't look so well, I have put them into the green house to bring them back to replant later in the month. Every thing else in the garden is doing well.
I am liking the fresh cut herbs we are using. 

 The greenhouse is looking good, my tomato has loads of flowers on, these are small fruit, and the aubergine is very healthy. Below my peppers and cucumber are also growing well, the lemon grass is very slow growing. I have a couple more tomato's with basil planted in my smaller greenhouse.
 The rose cutting I planted in a potato did not work, 
but I should get a crop of potato's soon!
 I was sent a design from Sally  she was having a sort out, this is so me, I love hearts and Sally sent the small packet of beads as well, it will have to waiting in the wings for a while, but it is so pretty, can't wait to have another heart for my collection. Pop over and see Sally's blog, it's so very interesting, thanks Sally I love the pattern.
 Today,  it is Fathers day, hubby has not had the best of days, putting new taps in the upstairs basin, which did not go to plan, then his computer is playing him up, but I made him the dessert below, he loves white and very dark chocolate, I drizzled the white then the dark over a balloon, once dry the balloon was popped and I then filled it with his favourite, cherries. I don't like white chocolate or cherries so it's all for him.
I have almost finished Sweet Dreams, should get it done tonight. I have not done any more to the Tiger, but I will finish it tomorrow evening. Busy day tomorrow, I am at our local hospital to support a friend, so nothing else planned.

I am sorting out a couple of finished pieces, which sit in my work box, I will not use them so next time I will show them and any one who wants one can have it. It would be nice to see them used.


  1. Lucky hubby, that dessert looks delicious.
    Best wishes for your friend at the hospital.

  2. Your garden looks lovely.

    That desert looks so good!

    Enjoy stitching the chart. Looking forward to seeing it when you get around to it :)



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