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Saturday 8 June 2013

A quickie

I am stitching another rug for dolls house's, it is a passion of mine, I do love these little complete pieces of work. This is the 4th time I have stitched this, but it is not for me, a dear blog friend has a new site  which she is building and has agreed for a couple of my things to go on sale. 
 Not the best shot but a close up, I have about a weeks work to do, then I will stitch another tiger skin, another love of mine. Hope to finish Dream sampler later this week.
 My herb garden is looking good, I have salad leaves in the front and more small salad items under the cover, it is next to our seating area and smells divine. We hope to have a BBQ tonight so I will be picking more.
 This view greets me outside my back door, I keep the Salvia here, they are very thirsty plants and I can always give them an extra jug of water, plus the red and blue always looks stunning. The other two pots are slower to flower, but every thing is late this year.
 I planted my Jasmin and placed it in the corner of the decking on the other side of the seating area, it has already grown a few inches, I hope to have it to the top of the fence and filling this corner, the plant sharing the pot is very healthy as well.
I owe a big thanks to Daughter Su, who cares for my greenhouse and garden when we are away, but I am returning the favour today will time working in their garden.

PS, the roses planted in the potatoes are still hanging on, and the lemon grass in water has shoots and a few roots.


  1. Your garden is so neat and clean . . love it.

    And that rug is just precious.

  2. Dainty and delicate stitching.

  3. Hi Marlene, I was going through my stash the other day and I noticed have a book of 64 patterns of cross stitches for doll's houses, and I thought of you! Would you be interested in it? I don't think it's something I'll ever use, so shoot me an email at breza_juanita@live.co.uk if you're interested and we can discuss it further :)



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