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Friday 14 June 2013

Cats big and small

 I am almost finished the tiger rug, it's is really quick to stitch, and being home in the day gives me extra time. I hope to have them ready to send to Laura by Monday. I also want to finish Sweet dreams this weekend, I have ignored it to stitch these. I do enjoy a quickie, change of colours and size.

 Not the best photo, this was taken on my phone camera, Sammy has had his curls cut off, his hair is not straight, but he does have curls across the top of his head. He was very happy to look like Josh, here he is making a monster for us.
 We have had a week of rain and yesterday high winds, so Grace is in her basket, she now is sleeping in the smaller basket, which poor larger Purdy has been in. Last night on TV, BBC had an Horizon programme  following 50 cats in a village tracking them and some had camera's on, Grace slept all through, but Purdy got upset, I'm sure she thought we had a different cat in the house.
 More flowers, these are very pretty, my last bunch I gave to Fliss, I had them just as we were going away, but these are cheering up my sitting room.
Not done any thing in the garden, I blame my hubby for the rain, he treated the lawn and wanted so rain to save him from watering every night, and because it was dry enough yesterday morning for him to play golf, I do believe he has been controlling all our weather.

I have enjoyed stitching time, and the house is sparkling clean, yesterday I had lunch out with a friend, plus a bit of shopping, just looking rather than any purchases. I spend Wednesday with Fliss and Sam, we picked Josh up from school and then home for cake.
Today I am at home I am going to make a present for Kev for fathers day, not a cake this year, photo's on Monday.
Tomorrow we hope to see all our family, afternoon at home, should be fun and nothing planned for the rest of the weekend.

Next week I have two interviews for local jobs, fingers crossed.

Have fun what ever you are doing


  1. The tiger rug is cute! And how funny the way your kitty reacted!

  2. Stunning little tiger rug.
    My hubby also asked for rain after treating our lawn, so yours doesn't have to take all the blame.

  3. Your sewing is lovely. How did the monster making go? How weird that one of your cats reacted that way?! Have a lovely weekend and hope the weather improves



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